Lurline Bay

FJMT (now FJC Studio), 2024

Lurline Bay House is a bespoke off-form concrete house with an awe-inspiring four-storey atrium, dramatic marble, sculpted curves, and two pavilions capturing expansive coastal views. But it’s what you don’t see that makes the construction and finish of Lurline Bay House so spectacular, as there’s far more than meets the eye. With a focus on materiality and the highest quality of workmanship, Lurline Bay House is a significant contemporary home in which every element and detail is an example of best practice.

The first two floors anchor the house and integrate the building into the landscape and streetscape. Two double-storey split pavilions float on concrete blades. Pivoted to face south-east, these pavilions have large-scale glass panels with expansive views over the coast and ocean. Behind this façade, each room is bespoke, with off-form concrete, soft curves, timber joinery and striking marble. A dramatic four-storey atrium separates the front and back of the house and filters light deep into the floor plan, washing the off-form concrete walls with a dynamic play of light and shadow. The kitchen at the rear of the house flows seamlessly out to the marble infinity-edge pool.

The quality of construction, use of materials, design challenges and innovation are intrinsically linked due to the complex architecture and design, challenging construction and custom detailing. Materials are used in unique ways and combinations; every element is bespoke; and each junction is highly considered and executed.

Architct - FJMT (now FJC Studio)