Playoust Churcher, 2015

Seaforth’s existing home included a number of classic features we sought to integrate and maintain. To bring this property to life, HP Constructions demolished the residence, leaving only the stone dwarf walls and the sub-floor structure, before extending the ground floor footprint. Our team took care to blend the new sandstone dwarf walls with the existing forms, before adding a welcome second storey. This transformative home improvement included the use of recycled spotted gum for the floors, stairs, posts and surround fireplace seating. Large-scale opposing cedar sliding doors that connect neatly on a 90-degree angle facilitate a welcome connection to the property’s surrounds by allowing the inside living space to seamlessly open to the outdoors. Other notable features include glass ceilings above the kitchen and hallway, custom-made bookshelves and study desks, and a fully integrated home AV system which includes the latest Sonos sound equipment.

Architect - Playoust Churcher